9 Best Practices for Client Service

At our agency, we take business meeting etiquette very seriously.

And client service best practices? Yep, we’ve done the training. In fact, as part of our client service training we had a brainstorming session to offer new ideas to the table. We are pleased to share 9 best practices with you today.

  1. Bring food with you to every meeting.  But good grief, don’t share it with anyone. Not everyone likes your taste in food.
  2.  If you don’t have food to bring to the meeting, bring gum. But don’t offer a piece to anyone else, or they may infer that you are hinting about their breath.
  3. When you receive a client call make sure you place them on hold immediately. “Hold, please.” That way they can hear the gentle elevator music, which should calm their nerves or ease any troubled thoughts.
  4. Always say “please,” especially if you are talking to a client who is frustrated.
  5. When speaking with someone who looks to be older than you (or sounds older when talking on the phone), use “ma’am” and “sir.” We are in the South, after all! Superiors need to know that you acknowledge they are older than you.
  6. Wear a mask to a new client meeting. Play the game “Who am I?” with them – it’s a great way to break the ice.
  7. Always use a dry erase marker when writing on the walls. Apologize profusely if you forget the client’s walls are not painted with dry-erase paint.
  8. Creativity is paramount at JMG. If a GREAT idea suddenly hits you, shout it out – whether you are in a meeting, at your desk or in the bathroom. No creative idea should go unconsidered.
  9. Keep a Hawaiian shirt in your office at all times. If you know the next meeting is going to be especially boring, wear the shirt. Announce at the beginning of the meeting that you will need to duck out early so as not to miss your flight to Hawaii.

As you can see, meeting etiquette and client service has been well-addressed. So from all of us here at JMG, we say…