Monday, January 11, 2021

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5 Tips to Craft a Clickable Email Subject Line

You’ve got mail. And your customers do too, a lot of it.

Sifting through a cluttered email inbox is a daily challenge. Consider your own Inbox. Do you read every promotion or let them sit unopened for days? Are you eager to click the next offer that pops up in the corner of your desktop, or do you swipe it away without a second thought? Your customers feel the same way. I know what you’re thinking, “But I worked so hard on my eblast. Surely they will read it.” Unfortunately, without a compelling subject line, the email you lost sleep creating might be “marked as read” quicker than you can click “send.” Getting customers to enjoy your content, connect with your brand and learn about your product starts with getting them to open your email.

Enter: a creative and clickable subject line.

If you are constantly implementing email marketing that doesn’t gain traction, the problem might not be your content, but your subject line. Here are a few tips to help entice readers to open your email and take action once they do. The ideal subject line is quick, to the point and contains any of these five elements:

  1. Timing

A good subject line builds a sense of urgency that encourages readers to open immediately. If you can catch them on the first glance with a message that implies a timely offer, they are more likely to open the email and act.

  1. Interest

Subject lines that arouse curiosity within the reader prompt them to open the email. If you can allude to something exciting, make references to what is inside or build hype with your subject line, then you are heading in the right direction.

  1. Exclusivity

Creating a sense of exclusivity for the reader is an important piece in a clickable subject line. If the customer feels that this specific email has information, deals, sales or content they can’t get anywhere else, they will open it.

  1. Personalization

Sending an email is different from posting on social media. Instead of sharing something broadly and wondering who will stumble onto it, you know exactly who is receiving the content. Use that to your advantage! Mention the reader’s name to create a connection that makes your email stand out amongst the clutter.

  1. Teasers

Use your subject line to introduce a topic that will be covered in your email. Start a story that will be told in your copy. Pose a question in your reader’s mind that can only be answered by opening the email.

If you can focus on executing one of these five elements in a quippy and succinct way, you are one step closer to an increased open rate, better brand awareness and more happy customers.


Todd Steen
Kristie GraySmith
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