Monday, July 22, 2019

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5 Apps to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Game

Social media is one of the first places customers go for more information about a brand or organization. Big brands with big budgets have set a high bar when it comes to creating engaging content, which makes it difficult for small businesses to keep up. With the help of a few apps, however, you can step up your organization’s social media game by creating engaging and “thumb-stopping” content.

preview logoPreview has a variety of tools to make posting to Instagram fun and easy. Users can plan and edit their photos before posting, making this a great app for anyone who wants to develop a cohesive looking page. The app also allows users to plan their Instagram feed days in advance by arranging the order and timing of posts. Preview will then send a reminder when it’s time to post. The app also includes interactive analytics to track engagement rates, top posts, hashtags and comments.

unfold logoUnfold is a useful app that helps improve Instagram stories. It offers a collection of templates with placeholders for photos and texts to help create organized, visually appealing stories. The app allows users to preview and edit stories before they are posted. The app’s clean design and easy navigation makes it extremely user-friendly.

PS Express
ps express logoPS Express provides users with access to elements of Photoshop’s editing software without purchasing an Adobe membership. It has a variety of built-in photo editing tools including filters, blemish and color correctors, borders, stickers, collage frames, text and more. This is a great app for brands that want to create professional, visually compelling advertising campaigns.

quik logoQuik turns simple images and video assets into high-quality productions. Users select which assets they want to use and, with just a few taps, choose from 26 themes that include seamless transitions and effects. The app will then create a video that is synced to the beat of a song from Quik’s extensive music library. Brands can customize their videos by selecting a different piece of music and using in-app editing tools. Quik is a great app for event and product social media posts, engaging stories and advertising campaigns.

ripl logoRipl allows users to quickly create eye-catching videos and graphics directly from their phones. The app has more than 250 customizable design templates including collages, slideshows and banners, as well as hundreds of font and music choices to create a unique social media post for one’s brand. Ripl also allows users to post directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube with the touch of a button.

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