13 Trends Sure to Impact 2013

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13 Trends Sure to Impact 2013

13 Trends Sure to Impact 2013 from Jackson Marketing Group

1. Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing – inbound marketing is about adding value and earning customer loyalty vs. sharing a message through paid media and hoping it sticks.

2. Content is King – it’s a commitment, not a campaign. Content must be targeted and distributed aggressively.

3. Brand Visualization is Queen – consistent visualization allows your marketing to be more succinct and more effective. Package it with eye-catching imagery.

4. Humanize the Brand – Steve Jobs very successfully “humanized” his brand. It was alive in their corporate culture and carried over into their marketing. Think about it – Apple is a brand, Dell is a computer.

5. Social Media Reaches Critical Mass – social media is no longer a trend. It’s a way of business.

6. Mobile Reaches Tipping Point – probably by the time next year’s trends are out, more people will consume online content via a mobile device than a traditional computer. Designing content for mobile is now mandatory.

7. Big, Actionable Data – collect and use data to serve customers. For example, British Airways flight attendants know all about you before you step onto the aircraft and use “data” to have a pillow and blanket ready for you.

8. Leads, Leads, Leads – identifying and nurturing leads are the new responsibilities of marketing.

9. Building Brand Experience – creating a face-to-face/brand-to-client experience through custom events, experiences and even trade shows is the #1 most effective way to market your B2B brand.

10. Traditional Media is Alive – we still watch TV… the average American watches 33 hours per week. And we do NOT skip all of the commercials.

11. Convergence + Integration – integrate all these tools while using the right tool to reach the right audience. It’s the Rule of 5: create your message and deliver it in 5 ways.

12. Retail is Everywhere – reanalyze and potentially redesign your customer’s buying experience. For example, order and purchase your lunch via the Chipotle app. Then waltz to the front of the long line to pick-up your order.

13. Strategy is the New “Black” – it’s essential. It’s the little black dress of every woman’s wardrobe. Stop chasing fireflies (e.g. whatever is new and popular) and build a marketing strategy.

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