What Your Brand Needs To Know To Reach Young Decision Makers

McCann Worldgroup has surveyed 7,000 Millennials across the globe to find out what motivates them. This communications agency compiled their qualitative and quantitative research into a compelling and highly visual report, which gives brands the world over big ideas to ponder.

As a whole, Millennials’ strongest motivators are communication, justice and authenticity, according to The Truth about Youth report.

Millennials have entered the global workforce as young entrepreneurs and corporate decision makers. They are game-changers and will determine the success of our brands according to how they relate to our products and services.

If you want to reach this generation (16 – 30 year olds), then your brand has to become what they value.

The following four ideas are what your brand needs to embrace to reach the Mark Zuckerberg’s and Dan Schawbel’s of the world.

  1. Technology as a fifth sense – young people would rather lose their sense of smell than to lose their techno toys. (Big opportunities here for brand loyalty!)
  2. Social Economy – brands cannot become another fake Facebook friend. They need to socialize as a true friend with humility, maturity, genuineness and truthfulness.
  3. Truth Hunters – in a world of avatars and gated identities, young people thirst for truth and authenticity. Often for this techno-savvy generation, that makes Google and content-generating brands their best ally.
  4. Personal Justice – businesses beware: “a whopping 90% globally would make a point of telling their friends about unjust behavior from a brand.”

I am a Millennial, and I fully agree that I can respect and give my loyalty to a brand that is genuine with me.

How will you build your brand’s authenticity to reach a young generation of influencers?