Facebook’s Soda Going for “Zero.” How Will It Taste for You?

If you have any exposure to social media metrics for your company or clients, particularly Facebook metrics, the results of a recent social@Ogilvy study aren’t going to shock you—the average reach of organic posts declined from 12.05 percent in October to 6.15 percent in February.

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Doritos and the Secret to Crowdsourcing

When you hire an agency full of creative people, why would you ever need to ask the crowd for content or ideas?

If you have a well-developed, research-based strategy, should you really ask the crowd for content and relinquish control of your message?

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Inspiring Advice from 7 Creative Directors (+1)

So the Super Bowl wasn’t all we had hoped. At this point, you probably need a little creative inspiration. Look no further. We’ve mined the Internet for quotes, interviews and advice from the world’s best creative directors.

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Forecast: Big Marketing Improvements for 2014

Have you checked the Chinese calendar? 2014 is the year of the horse. According to TravelChinaGuide.com, “the spirit of the horse is recognized as the Chinese people’s ethos – making unremitting efforts to improve themselves.”

Sounds similar to what is happening in marketing for 2014. We’re unceasingly trying to improve.

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