Generational Trends [Infographic]

We thoroughly enjoyed this month’s Marketing in the Morning seminar, discussing demographic and generational trends for the purpose of improving marketing and organizational communication. Thank you to all who participated live and via WebEx!

For your convenience, we’ve compiled the content from our 1-hour presentation into an easy-to-skim infographic. (Talk about ultimate cliff notes, these are actually fun to read!)

Although 6 generations are alive today, we focus our infographic around 5 generations – 4 of which are in the workforce and have buying power.

  1. Civic/Silent Generation
  2. Baby Boomer Generation
  3. Generation X
  4. Generation Y (Millennials)

Don’t miss the “So what?” of the demographic study.

  • Let’s get visual, social, global.
  • Offer customer service like never before.
  • Join the community spirit.

Without further ado, we present our generational trends infographic.

Each generation created their own market culture