Fresh Catch: Building the Trijicon® Electro Optics Brand

FreshCatchlogo-blueTrijicon Inc. recently acquired an electro optics company focused on thermal night vision technology. The purchase included a line of thermal optics that needed integration into the Trijicon® family of products.

World-renowned for its innovative applications of tritium and advanced fiber-optics, Trijicon manufactures the most advanced riflescopes and sights for tactical and sporting applications. The newly acquired thermal optic technology had to be incorporated into overall Trijicon product standards and branding, and quickly. The real challenge was that the branding process had to be completed in less than three months to allow Trijicon Electro Optics to be unveiled at the 2017 Shot Show.

trijCapturetrijCaptrwture“If any step got behind, the deadline was in jeopardy,” said Jackson Production Supervisor Jim Hahn.

With only 90 days to complete the project, Jackson’s creative and interactive teams went to work designing a new website, catalog, training module and sales materials. However, before they could dive into the project, the teams had to become experts on the technology. “It was a technology we didn’t know anything about and a company we were not familiar with. We were starting from scratch. I went back and forth with the lead salesperson to learn about them as fast as possible,” said Jackson Creative Director Chad Rucker.

Team members wrote an immense amount of copy and reviewed hundreds of images to create layouts for print and online components. One of these major components was the creation of an interactive PDF that helped better inform consumers and dealers on Trijicon’s thermal night vision products. From research to coding, the PDF was created completely in house. It breaks down Trijicon’s new products based on function and allows sellers and buyers to better understand the benefits and differences between the products.

A main challenge of the entire process was that each marketing element was being created simultaneously. If there was a change in the new responsive website, there more than likely was a change in the catalog or spec sheets. This created the need for careful and continuous proofing. Three to four associates created and sent different pieces to Trijicon daily for edits and proofreading. As a part of the final proofreading process, Jackson threw a proofing party where catalog pages were placed around Jackson’s theater for associates to check and edit everything one last time before sending it into production.

IMG_4385pIn addition to major elements such as the new website and 60-page catalog, all accompanying marketing material needed to be designed and produced for show time.

“The most difficult part of the branding process was the super-tight turnaround,” said Jackson Account Executive Daniel Lyles. “We had six months of work crammed into three, but we did it. Everything was well received by consumers at the show and Trijicon’s product manager kept sending people to the website because he thought it was great.”

After the initial EO brand launch, Jackson monitored keyword searches to confirm that consumers had begun searching for Trijicon Electro Optics to measure the success of the branding process.