Why Content Marketing? [Infographic]

What will shorten your sales cycle, create quality leads and communicate the value of your brand? Content marketing!

This month in our Marketing in the Morning seminar, we stressed the value of creating and following a strategy when it comes to content marketing. Quick tip: your content marketing strategy should include inbound and outbound marketing tactics.

Why bother with a content marketing strategy? Because your strategy will help you know:

  • where to place content (website, blogging, social platforms, etc.)
  • how to align content with ad campaigns and social media outreach
  • when to contact those who have shown an interest in your content

Your Facebook post, outdoor ad or whitepaper may provide the stimulus for a potential client. But at the “Zero Moment of Truth” when that potential client or customer is researching your product, you want him to have all the information he needs to make the decision to continue down your sales funnel. You need to offer content.

And yes, this whole process is necessary for both B2B and B2C industry leaders!

So, check out an entire hour of data-rich information from our #marketinginthemorning seminar which is now distilled into the infographic below.

Content marketing includes inbound and outbound tactics
(click twice to enlarge)