A New Kind of Training – Relating To Others Well Is An Immensely Valuable Skill

blake-ross-croppedBy Blake Anthony Ross, Lead Front-End Developer

In previous posts, I introduced the idea that relating to and working well with others is a skill (or more precisely, a skillset). And hopefully we’re on the same page about just what is meant by “treating others well is a skill.” Those ideas represent a fundamental vision for the kind of training we are about to pursue together.

There is, however, one final piece of the vision that needs to be in place before we start really going after this together, because it can be such a massive motivator. That piece is this: growing in these skills is probably even more valuable than growing in your professional-expertise skills because it will pay massive dividends at work AND in your most valued personal relationships.

And to convince you of this, rather than write paragraphs, I’ll grid this out. First is a grid of the potential benefits of professional expertise. You’ll notice that the benefits for work are localized and the benefit for relationships is barely compelling at all. But buckle up for awesome and notice the second, darker-blue grid for the benefits of relational expertise. Pay special attention to the massive holistic value that will carry over to any job position and the enormous dividends this investment would pay in your relationships outside of work, as well.

As a final note, lest you be tempted to think that what we are about to embark on is paltry “self-help,” see this pursuit for what it is: “career-help.” Conceptualize it just like you would cultivate particular skills related to your area of professional expertise. Growing in these relational skills has everything to do with your career’s flourishing and your company’s flourishing, alongside the very real perk of improving your career while improving the rest of your relationships in the process.

So let’s do this. See you here in two weeks. Come ready to train.

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